Becker serve

becker serve

Boris Becker serve comment by John McEnroe, more tennis at http://www. Last night I watched an old tape of the Aus Open final and of coarse I found myself marveling at Becker's enormous serve! Watching his  Becker Serve Grip. Myles 7 years of age - showing clear signs of the Boris Becker unique style.

Becker serve - wir einen

Aber was ich mitbekomme, ist: Boris Becker lässig mit Vollbart auf dem Golfplatz. Andres , May 6, Well, my opponents tell me that they find it one of the most, if not the most, difficult serve to return.. I stumbled upon this serve many years ago, when I was first learning the game of tennis. It means they can't all of a sudden pretend to be serve-and-volleyers. Proof that you don't need orthodox or classic technique to get the job done and excel. Forget the fastest serves and the highest number of aces and look instead at the percentage of game football today won on first serve and second serve and the percentage of service games won. Aktivitäten Meine Daten Bericht schreiben Logout. And the man who won six Grand Slam titles added: Humor hat er auch, passt auf seine Familie auf. One note on the becker serve motion.


Boris Becker made 5 Aces in a row !!!